Roadshow services Amsterdam The Hague Rotterdam Airport

feb 20, 2020

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Roadshow services Amsterdam The Hague Rotterdam Airport

Roadshow services

Do you want to visit different locations in the Netherlands all in one day?

Good time management is an essential condition for planning your roadshow. After all, you want to be back at the airport on time! All this is possible with our Roadshow Driver Services. Our drivers are very experienced. The driver chooses the fastest route and will safely deliver you to every selected destination.

Your personal driver specifies exactly how much time you need to get to your next appointment. The limousine is first class and comfortable. A bottle of water and peppermint are available for you and you have facilities for charging your telephone. Of course, there is also Wi-Fi on board so that you can browse the internet or read your emails free of charge.

Our limousine services are state-of-the-art and modern. You can choose from Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, Tesla or other makes of car. With one telephone call, your transport is arranged

Sightseeing tours

Show you the prettiest places in the Netherlands

The chauffeurs at powered by Brussaard, are ambassadors of the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. They are familiar with every road in the region and will be pleased to show you the prettiest places in the Netherlands. For this purpose, Brussaard has developed a unique, tailor-made VIP service. This personal driver-cum-guide will put together unique and delightful sightseeing schedules for you ensuring your preferences are paramount.

Hotel Transfer Services

We pick you up and take you to any location

Brussaard has been operating together with the well-known ‘tophotels’ for 30 years. We pick you up and take you to any location within a 750-kilometre radius around Amsterdam, Rotterdam or The Hague. You are driven in a Mercedes S Class or any vehicle that you want. We are happy to pick you up at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or Rotterdam Airport/The Hague airport. Our drivers are familiar with all the hotels in the area. You will safely arrive at your hotel location without any detours. powered by Brussaard: punctual and reliable transport. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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